Think Before Filing for Bankruptcy Without a California Attorney

When someone reaches the point of filing for bankruptcy, she is likely consumed by burdensome financial responsibilities. She can’t begin to fathom how she might come up with the funds to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. After all, the fact that she has next to no money is what caused the whole problem to begin with. For financial reasons, she might decide to file the case without the help of an attorney. Courts refer to that as a “pro se” filing.

Filing a pro se bankruptcy action could be the biggest mistake she makes. First of all, bankruptcy courts follow strict rules. Courts expect everyone to follow these rules and to comply with highly technical requirements. Bankruptcy lawyers, of course, know the rules and how to draft documents that conform to the requirements. A pro se litigant, with no prior experience or training, will be held to those same standards. Likely, she will feel overwhelmed and confused. What’s worse, she may have nowhere to turn. Bankruptcy judges, clerks, and other people associated with the process cannot “help” a pro se litigant with her case. They cannot offer general advice about the most beneficial route to take and they cannot offer practical advice about which form to use in which circumstance.

Bankruptcy is a complicated process. That’s why most people rely on bankruptcy lawyers to protect their interests. If you would like to talk to someone about filing for bankruptcy in California, call an experienced and trusted San Diego bankruptcy attorney.

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