Filing for Bankruptcy Can Be Emotional

A recent news article highlighted the mental burden and heavy emotional toll that filing bankruptcy can cause. San Diego bankruptcy attorney Kerry Denton has seen firsthand how the bankruptcy process impacts his clients. Whether his clients are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection (complete elimination of debt) or for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection (financial reorganization to pay off debts), the emotional consequences are clear. Filing bankruptcy is easy on no one.

Bankruptcy can stress relationships and cause trauma for a family. Couples may fight and argue. Children may get caught in the crosshairs of their parents’ struggles. The filer may doubt her own self-worth and feel insecure about her ability to take care of herself and her family. She may feel ashamed and believe that she has let her children down. She may feel alone and isolated. She may believe that she cannot talk about her financial problems with others because they just wouldn’t understand the depth of her problems. She may also worry about how her family and friends would respond to the news.

To move past these emotional hurdles, a person who is contemplating filing bankruptcy may want to visit with a therapist. It may also help the person to change her viewpoint. If she sees bankruptcy not as a last resort but as a fresh beginning, her outlook may change for the better.

If you are in a financial bind, you may need to file for bankruptcy so that you can get a fresh start. Get in touch with a compassionate attorney who understands the stress and emotional strain of the bankruptcy process. Call San Diego bankruptcy attorney Kerry Denton at 619-458-3739 for more information.

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