Casey Anthony Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

Casey Anthony recently filed for bankruptcy protection in Orlando, Florida. Anthony currently owes approximately $792,000. Most of that amount is owed to her defense attorney, according to a recent news article. Other significant amounts are owed to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the Internal Revenue Service, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation. Anthony reported in her bankruptcy filing that she had just over $1,000.

Anthony also faces financial pressure in the form of three civil lawsuits stemming from the disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Marie. (Anthony’s daughter was reported missing in July 2008. The little girl’s body was found months later near the home of Anthony’s parents.) Anthony first claimed that a babysitter had kidnapped her daughter.

A woman with the same name as Casey Anthony is suing for defamation. Anthony’s attorneys also allegedly portrayed the meter reader who found the little girl’s body as the killer; he has filed a lawsuit as well. Finally, a search and rescue organization has sued to recover the $100,000 plus that it spent searching for the missing girl.

It’s unlikely that you face the same (or even remotely similar) debts that Anthony faces. But, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to give a debtor a fresh start by erasing the debt. If you feel like your debts are more than you can handle, you may want to learn more about filing for bankruptcy protection in San Diego. If so, call Denton Law GroupĀ at (619) 458-3739, or fill out the secure online form.

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