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What Debts Cannot Be Eliminated by a California Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In many situations, a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego will eliminate the majority of your debts and allow you to begin to rebuild your financial life. This can be a helpful option for people who find themselves unable to pay back creditors, despite their best efforts. Filing for bankruptcy is not the best course of action in every situation, however. If you are considering filing, consult with an experienced Chula Vista bankruptcy attorney who can assist you in evaluating your unique circumstances.

Under the California Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws, filing cannot eliminate certain types of debts. These debts include:

If the majority of your debts fall into one or more of these categories, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may not be the right option for you. For more information about Chapter 7 filings, contact an experienced Chula Vista bankruptcy lawyer today. Call our office at 619-458-3739 for a consultation.