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Chula Vista Chapter 11 Lawyer

How a Chula Vista Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is typically filed by businesses, corporations, and also by individuals with large amounts of debt and high assets who do not qualify to file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Although complicated and limited, Chapter 11 offers a good path for businesses and people who are facing certain unique circumstances. Our bankruptcy attorney in Chula Vista can help you examine your options and determine if Chapter 11 is the ideal course of action for you.

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How Can Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Resolve My Business Debt?

In Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the goal is to find a reorganization plan that will be approved by a bankruptcy court. This plan will set out exactly how you will repay what is owed, serving essentially as a contract.

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If and when your bankruptcy plan is accepted, you will be headed towards financial relief and a chance to start again. In most cases, your Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings may take up to 2 years, depending on your circumstances.

During this time, you may still be allowed to continue your business operations with limited control, if the court consents. Our team at Denton Law Group can help you create a feasible plan that will enable you to achieve the fresh start you need. We believe that preparation and planning is key to a positive outcome.

By working hard to create a thorough plan complete with extensive documentation, we set our clients up for success.

Bankruptcy Can Offer a Fresh Start

Many successful businesses and companies have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy at some point, including:

  • Six Flags
  • United Airlines
  • Samsonite
  • General Motors
  • Abercrombie & Fitch

If you are considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you are in good company. Don't view bankruptcy as a death sentence, but as a fresh starting point and the chance to begin again.

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