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Blog Posts in 2014

  • My wages are being garnished.

    || 24-Dec-2014

    How Bankruptcy Can Stop Your Garnishment and Eliminate Your Debt You can generally stop garnishments imposed on you IMMEDIATELY by filing for Bankruptcy Protection! Usually, a wage garnishment is just the tip of the iceberg and once a creditor has a garnishment against you, your options are significantly limited. This is because the creditor has you right where they want you – having your ...
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  • I have too much credit or medical debt.

    || 22-Dec-2014

    How Filing for Bankruptcy Protection Can Rid You of All Your Credit or Medical Debt Recent news articles indicate that Americans are facing out of control credit card debt. Normal people have had to use their credit cards for necessities, like car repairs, home maintenance and even groceries. You become late on one payment and the default (higher) interest rate kicks in, not to mention a ...
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  • My car payments are past due.

    || 21-Dec-2014

    Car Lenders Are Quick To Repossess. How Bankruptcy Can Save Your Car and Eliminate Your Debt How Bankruptcy Can Save Your Car You can stop the repossession of your car by filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Once your case is filed, the "automatic stay," arises and is essentially a restraining order issued by the bankruptcy court which prevents your car ...
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  • I am being sued.

    || 19-Dec-2014

    How Filing for Bankruptcy Protection Can Stop a Lawsuit and Get You Out Of Debt If you're reading this, chances are you're being sued because of how far you're past due to the creditor. Depending on the specific situation people find themselves in, this scenario prompts many people to consider filing for bankruptcy protection. In California, the lawsuit process begins when you are ...
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