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Restore Good Credit After Filing Bankruptcy

Speak with Our Chula Vista Bankruptcy Attorney at Denton Law Group

One of the most prevalent myths out there when it comes to bankruptcy is that filing means the end of an individual's potential to earn good credit forever. This belief, however, represents an inaccurate understanding of the bankruptcy system and its purpose. Filing bankruptcy is not a form of punishment, but a chance to reestablish your financial history after massive debt. Many successful individuals and companies have gone through difficult times and used bankruptcy as a means of restarting.

Our attorney can guide you through long-term credit rebuilding strategies, including:

  • Planning out feasible budgets
  • Making timely payments on any balances
  • Credit education courses through 720creditscore.com

While building credit after bankruptcy has its challenges, it is very possible. We offer all bankruptcy clients enrollment in one of the most effective credit education programs available at 720CreditScore.com. This opportunity has shown to increase our client's credit scores to 720 and higher within 12-24 months after filing for bankruptcy. Our firm, Denton Law Group, is proud to help clients not only find relief from their debt, but go on to build better financial lives and renewed hope for the future.

Learn More About Rebuilding Your Credit in a Free Evaluation

Talking to a Chula Vista bankruptcy attorney could be in your best interest if any of the following questions apply to you:

  • Are you struggling to repay your loans?
  • Have you received foreclosure warnings or notices?
  • Have you fallen behind on your mortgage?
  • Are you receiving constant calls from debt collectors?

Have you recently been laid off, seen your paycheck reduced, experienced a medical emergency, or been confronted with another situation that makes you worried about your financial future?

Our team is here for you. We have been serving clients since 1990 and we are committed to providing education, thoroughness, and debt relief for individuals struggling with rebuilding credit and overwhelming debt.

Get in touch with Denton Law Group today to talk about your future after bankruptcy in a complimentary consultation.