Bankruptcy Myths Revealed

Separate Fact from Fiction with the Help of Our Chula Vista Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a good debt relief option for many people. Unfortunately, some are misled because of inaccurate information about this solution. Our team at Denton Law Group can help you examine your situation and discover whether or not bankruptcy is an ideal choice for you. First, learn more about bankruptcy and make sure that you understand what it means and how filing could help you regain financial freedom and stability.

Typical myths about bankruptcy include:

  • Bankruptcy can't help you deal with income tax debt.
    False! As a matter of fact, you may be able to achieve full or partial tax resolution by filing bankruptcy if you meet certain requirements. Our team can help you understand whether bankruptcy is a smart solution for your income tax debt.
  • I have to be in more debt in order to file bankruptcy.
    False! There is no minimum amount of debt that must be met in order to qualify for bankruptcy protection.
  • The bankruptcy process is too complicated.
    False! With a Chula Vista bankruptcy attorney from our team on your side, filing bankruptcy can be a quick and easy matter. We will be there to guide you from start to finish.
  • Filing bankruptcy will ruin my reputation.
    False! On the contrary, no one has to know that you filed. Your name will be included in a public record, but there is no reason why someone would find it unless they were specifically searching for this information. Our firm is skilled in handling cases discreetly for our clients.
  • I will lose all my assets.
    False! In reality, the majority of people who file for bankruptcy protection keep all of their assets. Speak with our lawyers to learn more.
  • Hiring a bankruptcy attorney is too expensive.
    False! Nothing could be further from the truth. We understand where you're at and we are here to help you rebuild and get back on your feet.

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